Why Should You Switch to AT&T Today?

As an American citizen, it is your utmost priority to look for the best in every sphere of life. The same is the case when it comes to the selection of broadband and TV cable connection. There is no easy world out there. It is actually a two-way battle going on. First, the top service providers are in a battle to grab the lion’s share in the attractive US market. Second, consumers are in a fix to select the right service provider that caters to all their needs.


The competition has further intensified in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak which has killed over 160,000 people in the United States alone. The global outbreak has forced people to stay inside and make social distancing an integral part of their lifestyle. This is the new world that we find ourselves in. It has changed forever. People never had time for anything only a few months ago, but now, they have all the time in the world.


When you can’t go out, you spend more time on social media interactions, playing video games, binge-watching, and interacting with your relatives on smartphones using video calling apps. It all means that humans today are more reliant on internet than ever. What it also means is that broadband service providers have an even bigger market to cater to. Also, there is a massive demand now for unlimited data than ever was in the US.


On the flip side, it is quite a tough world for consumers. With so many big players around, it is always easy to fall victim to false marketing gigs. Some of the leading American internet service providers include Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. In this article, we will share a few reasons to purchase an AT&T bundle.


We kid you not when we say there are obvious reasons to switch to AT&T. However, there are many other reasons why you should stick with your existing service provider. Here, we will tell you what benefits you can get by switching to AT&T.


1. Fast and Vast Coverage

If you are looking to partner with a brand that has a nationwide network, AT&T is your top choice. Especially, if you have plans to move to another state, you can always keep your AT&T connection in the new place. If you’re a businessperson, even then you can enjoy the vast coverage of AT&T across the United States. People, who love to take inter-state long route travels, can also get the best value out of the AT&T coverage. There are a few locations where Verizon beats AT&T in terms of coverage but still this company covers a major part of the country.


Moreover, with AT&T, you can always be sure of fast and reliable internet connection. So, if you are fed up of slow connection, AT&T is your ultimate solution. According to RootMetrics, AT&T is the second top carrier in the US for overall performance. There is not a lot to differentiate the top two in the rankings, i.e. Verizon and AT&T. If you don’t want to sign up for expensive Verizon networks, you can get almost the same kind of quality, coverage, speed, and network with AT&T.


2. AT&T and DirecTV Go Hand-in-Hand

AT&T should be your ultimate choice if you’re a DirecTV user. Switching to AT&T will definitely cut down your monthly bill. Moreover, the company also offers a Buy One Get One Free iPhone, which is nothing short of silver-lining.


You can easily save 25 bucks a month on DirecTV or DirecTV Now with AT&T. For this to happen, you will have to get the new AT&T Unlimited plans. The Unlimited Plus plan lets you save 25 bucks a month on both services while the Unlimited Choice plan allows you to save on DirecTV Now.


3. Sign Up with AT&T for Free HBO

It is a great news for the HBO lovers. If you are one of those fans, you should make haste in switching to AT&T. The AT&T Unlimited Plus plan lets you enjoy extra speed as well as additional features. On top of everything, you get free HBO that values around 18 bucks. It is not the case with Choice though.


To get free HBO, you should have DirecTV or U-Verse. If you only use DirecTV Now or have a phone, you can enjoy HBO through any of these services.


4. More Deals, More Value with AT&T

If you are someone who likes to get deals and discounts, you belong to AT&T clan. It is one of the many reasons for switching to AT&T because you can always enjoy fresh discounts, deals, and last but not the least, the AT&T Thanks program.


AT&T always has discounts for employess, veterans, and even active duty military personnel. You should visit the AT&T Signature Program to find out more information. AT&T offers 15% discount for active duty and veterans, 10% discount for AARP members, and 23% off for IBM employees. That’s not all! Many other companies are a part of this list. You can visit the official website and check out the discounts. You can also visit the store to get the information.


Apart from discounts, AT&T also offers many other benefits to its subscribers. AT&T Thanks program lets you enjoy discounts on many other things than just services. Not to forget the Buy One Get One movie ticket deals on Tuesday or priority access to Live Nation pre-sale tickets. You can even get a personal delivery of your brand new smartphone with AT&T Thanks program. The sky is the limit when you choose AT&T as your broadband service provider.


The Concluding Remarks

Switching to AT&T can be the best decision of your life. However, we would suggest you to compare all the options before you finally make up your mind. You should be fully aware of the services that you’re going to pay for. Take a detailed preview of your services plan and calculate the eventual monthly bill.