The 4 Ws of Digital Marketing

In this era of technology and social media, traditional ways of doing business are becoming obsolete. Everything is now done online, because it is faster, easier and simpler. Let’s see how that has impacted our work lives and professional communications. We'll explain you the basics of digital marketing and online businesses in the simplest of ways. It will help you grow your business, reach your target customers, and pitch your global ideas to the entire world.

What is the digital marketing?

Earlier, traditional marketing was done through print advertisements, phone communications, or physically. However, that all is now slowly but surely replaced with digital marketing. The internet allows digital marketing through endless possibilities. Brands, products and services are now promoted through social media, video advertisements, email marketing, or by countless websites. This is a much easier and cheaper way to skyrocket your growth and make your ideas a success.

The greatest benefit of digital marketing is the exposure your business gets. Your startups and brands can be marketed in the most creative and effective of ways. It also allows you to work remotely and have the best employees on your team from anywhere in the world

When did it all start?

Technology entered the marketplace at the beginning of the 90s. Initially, the internet only allowed to search information on the web, but not share. That all changed in 1998, when Google was founded. About this time, more social networking sites began to come to the fore. MySpace was one of the first social sites in the social arena following in 2004.

Major companies immediately realized the potential social sites had and they soon started using them to reach out directly to their consumers and clients. Web marketing strategies were formed and employed to capitalize on the new social platforms. Google kept evolving its internet search engine while using algorithms to target audiences better.

Fast forward, two decades into the 21st century, an average American spends 144 minutes a day on social media. The three major social networking sites used by marketers are LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Online marketing through social platforms has grown exponentially and totally transformed the way we do business today. It is predicted to keep on growing and providing opportunities to marketers and entrepreneurs at an unprecedented rate.

Why digital marketing?

At this point in time, if you want to go big, you have to go digital. Digital marketing is crucial for your business to grow and create brand awareness. All brands have to keep both a website and a social media presence. Otherwise, they are automatically knocked out of the game.

There are countless strategies in digital marketing and you can choose whatever fits your marketing plan. The earlier you get the hang of it, the better it is. You can be as creative as you like, the web is literally your oyster.

The reason why digital marketing is so effective is that it reaches the audience you want to target, without wasting resources on everything that is irrelevant. It is far more affordable than traditional marketing and can make your business grow in days if you use the right strategies.

It allows you to work in a global marketplace and build a clientele from anywhere in the world. You can easily get feedback and track your progress to be more effective.

Who is digital marketing for?

The simplest answer to who benefits most from digital marketing is, "Everyone". Whether it’s the seller or the consumer, an online marketplace is where everyone fulfills their wishes, either by shopping or selling. As a business owner, you can get can access to customers from everywhere. You can even track the needs of your clients and deliver what’s in demand. It helps you in shaping your marketing strategies for maximum growth.

For the consumer, buying products or services online saves them time and energy. As a buyer, you can compare and choose from countless brands and make informed decisions based on the feedback of other customers. Everything is faster, quicker and so much more convenient.

Social media has given a platform to bring together the sellers and buyers from the entire world.

Traditional marketing may soon disappear altogether so using digital marketing will not be a choice anymore but a necessity.