Tips to Pick Top-Quality Broadband Service Provider

The world is still switched off in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic. It means that the major chunk of the world’s population has all the time in the world now. Doesn’t it sound like an opportunity for TV, media, and broadband service providers? It indeed is an opportunity that very few have managed to explore yet.


People are more involved in binge-watching and excessive social media usage than ever. It allows broadband companies to pounce on the massive surge in this activity. Especially, broadband is a major decision for anyone and you can’t afford to get it all wrong. As we know, professionals are mostly working from home due to the pandemic. They need a reliable broadband service that never drops them in hot waters.


We don’t want to see you facing such precarious situations. Therefore, we have listed down the following seven tips to select the right broadband service for a rollicking work-from-home experience.


1. Always Carry Out Speed Test

Speed does matter, especially when it comes to broadband. This is the most important factor in choosing the right broadband service. You can’t afford lags in your video calls while working from home. Just imagine, your boss is about to give you an appraisal in the video call and your broadband connection disconnects you. It is never going to leave you in a positive frame of mind. This is why we would suggest you to always carry out the speed test while selecting the broadband service provider.


Even if you want a broadband connection for your family to spend quality time binge-watching on Netflix and other streaming sources, you need the best internet speed. A slow connection will take the fun out of binge-watching and leave your family members frustrated. We would recommend you to invest in fiber option because it is considered the speedier option. On the other hand, if your internet use revolves around checking emails or social media or paying bills online, you should subscribe to a cheaper connection. The best part is that you can always upgrade your connection if your requirements increase with time.


To check speed, you should never trust the provider. Instead, you should carry out the speed test and see if the provider’s claim is true. Beware of the “up to” scam. They will claim to offer you up to 1GBPS connection but what it actually means is that anything under this range would be fine for the provider. You have to play on top of the marketing gimmicks and get the real deal. Never hesitate to ask broadband providers about the minimum speed they offer. Once you know the threshold, you can always do your research to know the real-time speed in your area.


2. Be Aware of the Available Options

Before you fall victim to attractive TV advertisements, you should research about the broadband service providers already operating in your vicinity. Although almost every service provider is available almost everywhere in the United States, your local service providers will always have a better deal.


You must have heard about the postcode checker online. You can use this tool to find out the broadband service providers operating in your locality. The best part is that the tool generates a list that also shows the available speeds with each provider.


3. Stay Updated About Line Rentals

If you take Hyperoptic out of the equation, most of the broadband service providers still required an active landline for a connection. It is always a sane idea to check with the service provider the requirements and costs of landline rentals. You may opt for bundles because they don’t overburden pocket. There are times when you already have a landline from another company but you can actually save this money by adding the line rental to your broadband connection deal.


4. Read and Understand the Contract

Many people commit the mistake of not completely reading their contracts with broadband companies. Especially, when it comes to the duration of the deal with the providers, people don’t pay heed to this important detail. In a perfect world, your contract with the broadband service provider should be in the range of 12-24 months. However, providers have recently expressed a liking for “No Contract” space, which could be a problem if you are planning to shift your house to a new location.


This is why you should completely read out the contract and fully understand its determination and transfer clauses. At the end of the day, your contract should be an easy one to come out of.


5. Keep Your Eyes Opened for Hidden Charges

It is yet another mistake that most people commit. Many broadband companies get away with showing a superficial price but the more you use their service, the bigger your bill becomes.


Generally, monthly line rental and broadband fees are not the only charges you have to pay. There is no harm in asking your provider about any additional charges. You may also ask them to give you an idea of how much you will have to pay at the end of the month. Once you know the actual monthly payables, you can sign the contract. It is always a great habit to review the monthly bills. It allows you to be aware of all the charges you have to pay. Top broadband companies don’t fleece their customers this way but there is no shame in discussing everything with them.


Some of the possible additional charges include activation fees, delivery charges, payment fees, and billing fees.


6. Inquire About Cloud Storage

As most of us are now working from home, it often happens that we need to store a lot of files in the cloud. Therefore, it is always better to ask your broadband service provider if it can handle huge storage. This is important because if you’re running your business from home, small cloud storage might leave you and your co-workers frustrated.


7. Customer Care Always Wins the Day

When you are working from home due to the pandemic, it is difficult every now and then to travel to your service provider for little and petty issues. It is always a great experience if your service provider offers amazing customer care services. This way, you can get your issues resolved in a few minutes without having to drive your way to their office. It always feels great if you know there is someone out there to help you out when you need it.


8. Security is a Must-Have

Security is one of the core issues in the virtual world. Whether you work from home or run a business from your premises, you need a secure environment. The last thing you want is to lose your precious data to hackers or spammers. Thankfully, your broadband service provider can help you with this. Many providers offer firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spam solutions, which can come in handy to keep away from any untoward situation. We would suggest you to never compromise on security while choosing your broadband package or deal.


The Final Word

Selecting a top-quality broadband service provider is not a walk in the park by any means. It is an important decision and you should invest a decent time in making the right choice. The tips mentioned above will make this process a lot easier for you. Do share these tips with others if they help you in picking a great broadband service.