Make Your Quarantine A Learning Experience

The current global scenario has confined us to our houses. Social distancing is a necessity if we are to stay safe. Most people are seen complaining about the ways Covid-19 has affected our lives. But we are here to show you the bright side of this entire crisis. You can utilize your time in quarantine to be more productive.

We all had things we wanted to do but never did because our lives were so busy. The excuse of having no time for our favorite things has been taken away. You have no commitments to the outside world whatsoever so why not make some commitments to yourself.

The pandemic we are facing has changed our lives altogether. It is up to us what we make of our time now. If you've ever wanted to reboot your life now is the time. Make this quarantine an opportunity to learn and become a better version of yourself.

We still have access to the entire world through the internet. Although we can't use it to brag about our busy social lives and our foreign travels anymore, We can however use it for something better. So, what are the various skills you can learn through the internet to make good use of your time at home. Here is a list.


Learn a new instrument

Music is something that changes us. While listening to it is great, understanding the musical language rewires our brain in many ways. When we learn instruments our body and mind coordination is increased significantly. People who can play an instrument or two have a mind that is more alert than people who cannot. It also makes you connect deeper with yourself and experiment with your own tunes.

Playing an instrument will make you a great entertainer to yourself and others. It is a much appreciated skill in social events and celebrations. There are countless tutorials available on YouTube and various applications that can help you learn even if you do not have access to a real instrument for now.


Learn a new dish

Experiment with cooking. Try something exotic. Make a dessert, an entire meal or a snack. You can learn from different continental recipes. Get a taste of other cultures while you are at home. Trying new recipes will not only increase your cuisine vocabulary it will show you that you don’t need to dine in expensive restaurants for scrumptious food.


Learn a new language

This is another skill that makes your brain stretch and tap into its unknown potential. Learning another language gives you access to entire culture. Being able to speak more than one language gives you a huge edge over someone who cannot. It provides you with more opportunities and makes you a global citizen. Polyglots are also known to have enhanced intelligence and creativity.

Although acquiring a new language is hard it can be done if you stay consistent. After learning the very basics, you can watch movies or listen to songs in the language you are trying to learn. It will eventually take roots in your mind. You can use apps like Babbel or Duolingo to get your basic lessons of any major language, that too in a fun way.


Learn about different subjects.

You can use your time wisely by learning about something that is entirely new to you. Whether it is about the various philosophies of wisest people who walked on the earth or how artificial intelligence can change the world, keep learning something new. Bring back the curiosity you had as a child. Wonder at the nature and its several phenomenon. Take up online courses, most of which are free. Many universities offer lectures and podcasts, something you can hugely benefit from.

You can acquire more knowledge related to your own field. Learn new soft wares to stay updated even if you think it is not your thing. Study the universe. Start your own quest for knowledge and truth. Do some soul searching.


Learn to be healthier

One cannot stress enough on the importance of eating better and being physically fit. Good nutrition and an active body have a stronger immune system to fight off any diseases. Exercise regulates your moods and sharpens your mind. Most people consume a lot of coffee to stay alert at work. Now that the pressure to hustle has subsided, keep your caffeine intake in check.

If you cannot go out for a walk or a run, you can still workout at home. You can learn yoga, aerobics, cardio, Pilates and so much more on the internet. Fitness applications can help you track your food and liquid intake and counting your calories. They can show you your progress in building stamina and losing weight just like a fitness trainer.


Learn to be grateful

Last but not the least, be grateful for life. Despite the hardships it may throw at us, it offers us beautiful experiences. Now that we have a chance for some introspection, count your blessings. As the circumstances have yet again reminded us of how unpredictable life is, be sure to live each moment fully. If you are privileged in any way, remember the downtrodden and the unfortunate. Use your resources to help others. Learn how you can use your potentials and talents to be of service to others. It will fulfill you and make you grateful.