7 Quick Tips For Great Content

We all want to create content that becomes the talk of the town. We spend hours researching and writing blogs only to feel dejected when they go unnoticed. Creating quality content is a game of consistency and smart work. You do it better if you understand the psyche of your audience and what they are looking for. For anyone, who has started a blog or has been writing one for a while, here's a little peak into building a good relationship with your readers

  1. Make your content easy to read

Use a language that is easy to comprehend. Don’t use big words unnecessarily, Readers don’t have much time to search what they mean. A post that is relatable to your readers will make them appreciate and come back for more.

Keep the tone of your blogs casual. If you make it sound too academic, no matter how well researched it is, it will be boring. To make your content

  1. Make your paragraphs short

Bombarding your posts with too many words and sentences make them overwhelming. Keep your paragraphs in bite sized portions so they are easier to digest. Too much text intimidates the readers at first sight.

One paragraph should not be more than 5-6 lines. If possible, keep your sentences short too. Longer texts without a break lose the attention of your readers.

  1. Don’t bore your readers with unnecessary details

Keep the endless data and stats to yourself. Just use the relevant conclusions in your post and make them easy to comprehend. Use links to provide the important details if they are absolutely necessary.

Our attention spans are shorter than ever, use what can keep your reader interested. Discard the rest.

  1. Use listicles and bullet points

This is again, to respect the time and attention span of your readers. Lists and bullet points enable you to be concise and to the point. It aids in reading faster and getting the crux of the content.

Lists are great ways to keep your audience interested. They make the content easier to retain and remember.

  1. Come up with catchy Headings

Make your first impression great by using well thought out titles. Use catchy phrases, not just as click bait but as a promise to offer value in your content.

Use subheadings for multiple ideas. Search for keywords and use them creatively. Don’t copy or be too clichéd. Experiment and be bold.

  1. Use graphics to compliment your blogs

We are visual creatures; our mind gets distracted by anything our eyes find pleasing. A lot of monotonous text fails to do that. Use relevant images, infographics and illustrations to visualize your content.
Powerful images can attract readers before they start reading the posts.
They are great for a little pause within the article aswell.

  1. Do not compromise on quality

All strategies will only work if you assure to use this one. Make your content worth reading. There is no other way or shortcut to make your blog a success. You have to focus on building a relationship with your readers; give them value to earn their trust. Just attracting views by exciting taglines and captivating pictures will not benefit you in the long term. Make more quality and less quantity your motto.