5 Great Movies To Watch In Quarantine

5 great movies to watch in quarantine. While we all are stuck at home, hoping for the pandemic to be over soon. We want to resume our social lives and our connection with the outside world. We even miss the traffic jams, the noisy public places and going to the movies now.

Many people are in search of new ways to entertain themselves. But most of the entertainment reminds us of the life we are not living.

Anything about Parties, travels, Love and Romantic dates gives us nostalgia. What we need is some entertainment that is relatable to our current situation of social distancing.

We've brought you a list of 5 great movies that are exciting because they revolve around the protagonist being on his own. Although you may not be facing huge challenges within the safety of your home, these movies will make you see how solitude can be transformative, whether its by choice or by circumstance.


  1. Life of pi

This movie is about a boy stranded on a boat in a middle of the sea with some wild animals. There is no other human in sight and his quest for survival is nothing less than an adventure.

He learns about what he is capable of and makes his potential predator a friend. His loneliness becomes overbearing but that is when nature reveals his secrets to him. The movie production and cinematography is just commendable. Find out the rest for yourself.


  1. Into the wild

If you've ever fantasized about quitting the rat race and living the life of a primitive, this movie is for you. Its about a young guy who leaves his career and family behind to search for himself and live the natural life. He enjoys his solitude and the magnificence nature has to offer. Despite the tragic end of this movie it has great lessons and a sense of adventure like no other.


  1. Gravity

This is another great production about the profoundness of human experience. Two astraunauts get stranded in outer space after an accident, with no means of communication. They float endlessly into the space and through the unknown. The infinite universe is daunting yet so intriguing. Its all about coping with disaster on your own with literally no resources.


  1. 127 hours

This one is about resolve and being in the direst of conditions. While exploring a remote canyon, the adventurer meets an accident that leaves him stuck in the middle of nowhere. Trapped underneath a boulder, he cannot move and has to survive 5 long days without food or water under the scorching sun. The movies captures desperation and a man's struggle for survival perfectly.


  1. I am legend

A plague hits the world just like the pandemic. The difference is just that it turns every person into a zombie like mutant. Just a few years ago, this could’ve been a science fiction, but now we know that anything of that kind is possible. The movie shows the survival of one man and his dog. He struggles to save humanity by this man made virus while fighting strange creatures in an apocalypse.